Introduction from Artisav Jaipur

March 15, 2020

Greeting from Artisav Jaipur, we are glad to connect with you!

Along with the website update, we would like to start a blog that introduces Artisan, which we are working with, the beautiful cities all around India, people’s lives and culture, our activities in and around pink city of Jaipur, etc.

Artisav Jaipur started in March 2017. Former Global Traders Jaipur was a company where we deal with all kinds of garments, accessories and jewelry. Since the establishment of Artisav Jaipur, we started focusing especially on the handicrafts made by Indian craftsmen. Our brand name, Artisav, was also named with the meaning of “art”, “artist” and “artisan”. Each and every Artisan is an artist.

The encounter and closer interaction with the artisans started when we published the book called “colorful city of Rajasthan in India” (published by Sangyo Henshu Center in Japan) written by one of the owners, Yuka Ishitake. We met and talked with various artisans in Rajasthan. Family members who continue to make block-printed fabrics for generations, women who do stitching work at home while they have free time from household, jewelry artisans who cut natural stones to be sparkle while shaping by millimeters which only the sense of hands can tell over many years of experience, cotton paper artisan who make recycled cotton into strong handcrafted paper sheet, etc…

We are fascinated by the various textiles in different parts of India, and we went to meet artisan in the north, south, east, and west. Now we would like to introduce the textiles spun by them convert into modern and comfortable daily wear. In addition, we are working daily with Jaipur jewelry artisans to create simple and easy-to-wear fashion jewelry that adds charm to the garments.

The Artisav House, our concept house, is also under construction to be ready in the near future in our beloved city Jaipur. We would like to share the update of this project with you on our blog as well.

Thank you for your continued support.

Artisav Jaipur
Yuka Ishitake / Vivek Chaturvedy

はじめまして、Artisav Jaipurです。


Artisav Jaipurを始めたのは2017年3月。それまでのGlobal Traders Jaipurというインドのあらゆる衣類やジュエリーを販売する会社から、職人の作るインドならではのハンドクラフトにフォーカスした活動を始めました。私たちのブランド名であるArtisavもアートやアルティザン(職人)の意味を込めて命名しました。アルティザンの一人一人が皆アーティストなのです。

アルティザンとの本格的な出会いは、2014年にオーナーの一人である石竹由佳が執筆した「インド ラージャスターンのカラフルな街」(出版:産業編集センター) の取材で出逢った、ジャイプールを州都とするラージャスターン州の様々なアルティザン達でした。先祖代々ブロックプリント生地を作り続ける家族、家にいながら家事の合間に刺し子をする女性達、ミリ単位の作業を繰り返しながら長年培った手の感覚だけで輝く天然石を生み出すジュエリー 職人、リサイクルのコットンを漉いて布のような紙を作るコットンペーパーの職人などなど。


近い将来に向けて、拠点であるピンクの街ジャイプールに、私たちの想いを集結したArtisav Houseも建設中です。こちらも随時ブログにてお知らせできればと思っております。


Artisav Jaipur
石竹由佳 / Vivek Chaturvedy

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