Silk Brocade Dress

The soft and comfortable cardigan is made of khadi cotton fabric hand loomed by artisans with heart. The artisanal technique of manual machine is applied to give sophisticated embroidery on collar and fagotting stitch on side. It will be perfect outfit for day and night
  • Style: Silk Brocade Dress
  • Ref: Palace Brocade
  • Material: 100% silk Brocade Weave
  • Size : M


  • Washing : NO
  • Iron : Extremely Low
  • Tumble dry : No
  • Dry Clean : dry clean only


  • 100% Silk Brocade Weave

What Makes This Product Unique

  • Hand woven in India
  • Pure Silk
  • Traditional Rich Brocade Weave
  • Formal Luxury